All About Cut Crease Eye Makeup with Tutorial

When you search the term “cut crease” on YouTube and you will find hundreds of tutorials on the eye makeup look. Just as the name describes, it is a technique used to define the crease by “cutting” across it with a contrasting eyeshadow color and little to no blending.

Cut-creasing is the genius eyeshadow technique that will make you eyes appear bigger and brighter.

” The cut crease makeup technique defines that line, extending it slightly above the natural fold with a few clever tricks. As such, it shows off and widens your eyes by creating the illusion of added depth. Whether your eyes are small, large, slanted or hooded, a cut crease will open them up for a beautiful, doe-eyed look. Additionally, the extra space created on the lids will offer a more extensive canvas to show off your favourite eyeshadows.” – Says ALYCE EVANS at TTS

The wonderful thing about eye makeup is the sheer number of variations, styles and colours that are out there for you to play around with.
If you’re interested in perfecting the cut crease look (and then expanding on it to truly slay the game), you’ve come to the right place.


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